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README Highlight Issue #40, 2023: Plane

In this week’s issue of README Highlight (#40, 2023), we are taking a look at the following project: Plane.

Plane is an open-source, self-hosted project planning tool. It is designed to help teams manage issues, sprints, and product roadmaps with ease. With Plane, users can create and track issues using a powerful rich text editor, attach files to issues for collaboration, customize project views with different layouts, plan sprints with cycles, and break down large projects into manageable modules.

One of the key features of Plane is its ability to create custom filters to display only the issues that matter to you. Users can also create AI-powered notepads called Pages to easily document issues, cycle plans, and module details. The Command + K menu allows for easy project management and navigation. Additionally, Plane offers GitHub sync, which allows users to sync their GitHub issues with Plane for better tracking and collaboration.

To get started with Plane, users can create a Plane Cloud account for a hosted solution. For those who prefer self-hosting, there is deployment documentation available.

For more information and documentation on Plane, visit the Plane GitHub repository and the official Plane website.

Please note that Plane is still in its early stages, and improvements are being made based on user feedback. Users are encouraged to provide suggestions, ideas, or report bugs on the Discord or GitHub issues.

The Plane community can be found on GitHub Discussions and the Plane Discord. The project follows a Code of Conduct to ensure a positive and inclusive community.

If you believe you have found a security vulnerability in Plane, please responsibly disclose it by emailing [email protected].

For full documentation, visit

To contribute to the project, refer to the file in the repository.