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OpenZFS Releases 2.2.0-rc5

OpenZFS has launched release candidate 5 (rc5) of version v2.2.0.

The release includes several changes and updates, including improvements to ZIL (ZFS Intent Log), rpm fixes, enhancements to zfsconcepts, and updates to ARC (Adaptive Replacement Cache) headers. Additionally, there are compatibility updates for Linux and FreeBSD platforms.

Here are the supported platforms for this release:

  • Linux: compatible with 3.10 - 6.5 kernels
  • FreeBSD: compatible with releases starting from 12.2-RELEASE

The release candidate includes numerous bug fixes and enhancements to improve stability and performance. It is recommended for users who are interested in testing the latest features and providing feedback to the OpenZFS community.

To learn more and download the release candidate, visit the official OpenZFS GitHub page at