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Linux Patches for 64-Core RISC-V Milk-V Pioneer mATX Board

Phoronix reports that the latest Linux kernel patches have been released for the Milk-V Pioneer board, a 64-core RISC-V micro-ATX board with impressive features such as two PCIe x16 slots. The board is built around the Sophon SG2042 SoC, which boasts 64 RISC-V CPU cores clocked at up to 2.0GHz, shared 64MB L3 cache, and support for quad-channel DDR4-3200 memory. The Sophon SG2042 has a TDP of 120W.

In addition to its 64-core CPU, the Milk-V Pioneer board offers four DDR4 memory slots, dual M.2 slots, three PCIe x16 slots using x8 lanes, five SATA ports, eight USB 3.2 ports, and dual 2.5Gb Ethernet ports. It is designed for micro-ATX enclosures and works with a conventional 24-pin ATX power supply. Overall, the Milk-V Pioneer is an incredibly interesting RISC-V development board that is currently in the process of being released to the market.

The Milk-V team has been working on upstreaming the Linux kernel support for the Milk-V Pioneer, and the recently published v4 patches enable basic driver support, allowing the kernel to boot to a basic console.

The board, along with a heatsink, is currently priced at $1499 USD and is available for pre-order. Shipping is expected to begin in December.

Source: Phoronix.