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Discover the Future of Recycling with Prusa World Map and Precious Plastic Experts

Prusa3D has responded to the demand for recycling options for 3D print waste and leftover filament by creating the Prusa World Map. This map, which is an improved version of the previous Prusa World Map project, features small-scale plastic recycling projects from around the world. Prusa3D has partnered with Precious Plastic, an organization that manages a global community of local recyclers, to utilize their expertise and contacts. The map allows users to locate their nearest plastic recycling solution point, providing information about the specific recycling project, the materials they accept, and how to contact them.

The Prusa World Map currently includes projects from the 3D printing community as well as the Precious Plastic community, with some projects even producing their own filaments from plastic waste. However, there is still a need for more recycling projects to be added to the map, and Prusa3D encourages businesses that are involved in recycling 3D printing waste to add themselves to the map. Instructions for adding a business/recycling point are available on the Prusa3D website.

The 3D print plastic waste, which is often seen as an inconvenience by 3D printer users, is actually a valuable resource for many small recycling businesses. Compared to regular recycling bin contents, 3D print plastic waste is homogeneous, clean, and has a predictable composition. By connecting recyclers with the 3D printing community, Prusa3D aims to create a mutually beneficial match.

In addition to providing recycling options, Prusa3D also emphasizes the importance of reducing waste output in the first place. This includes thoughtful slicer settings, print optimization, and printing meaningful objects. Prusa3D encourages users to be mindful of their waste management practices and provides resources for inspiration.

Overall, Prusa3D’s Prusa World Map is a valuable tool for finding local recycling options for 3D print waste. By partnering with Precious Plastic and utilizing their global network, Prusa3D is able to connect the 3D printing community with small-scale recycling projects around the world, contributing to a more sustainable approach to 3D printing waste management.

Source: Prusa3D.