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Caddy v2.7.6: The Latest Version of the Web Server is Now Available

The latest version of the web server Caddy, version v2.7.6, has just been released. This update brings several fixes and enhancements, thanks to the contributions of various contributors. While most of the changes are small, there are a few notable ones worth mentioning.

One significant improvement is the official extensibility of the templates middleware. This experimental feature allows modules to add custom functions and actions for templates to execute, providing more flexibility for developers.

Another important enhancement is the synchronized TLS storage cleaning across the cluster, which is now remembered across restarts. This improvement is particularly beneficial for expensive storage backends, as it significantly reduces costs.

In addition, placeholders are now evaluated in the configuration for certificate loaders, enabling more dynamic and flexible configurations.

The release also includes numerous bug fixes, addressing various issues reported by users and improving the overall stability and reliability of the web server.

To view the complete list of changes and contributions, you can refer to the changelog on the official Caddy GitHub repository.