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AdGuard Home v0.108.0-b.51 Released, Addressing Go Security Vulnerabilities

AdGuard Home, the popular ad-blocker, has released its latest version, v0.108.0-b.51. This update brings several improvements and fixes compared to the previous beta, v0.108.0-b.50.

In terms of security, the Go version has been updated to address potential vulnerabilities. This update specifically prevents the exploitation of the CVE-2023-39326, CVE-2023-45283, and CVE-2023-45285 Go vulnerabilities. These vulnerabilities have been fixed in Go 1.20.12, ensuring a more secure experience for users.

One notable addition in this release is the ability to set a client’s custom DNS cache. This feature, requested by users, allows for more personalized DNS caching, enhancing the overall performance and customization options of AdGuard Home.

Furthermore, this update also addresses a memory leak issue when using parallel queries. The fix for this problem, identified as issue #6438, ensures better memory management and stability.

For a complete list of changes and updates in AdGuard Home v0.108.0-b.51, please refer to the file.