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Xen Orchestra 5.87 Released

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Xen Orchestra has released version 5.89. This update brings a range of enhancements and updates to various components, including XO Lite. Let’s dive in and explore the details.

XO Lite #

XO Lite has received several enhancements in this release. XO Lite now comes as a standard RPM package within XCP-ng 8.3, making it easier to keep up with updates. Bulk actions for VM migration and snapshot have been introduced, allowing for multiple operations to be executed simultaneously. The pool dashboard now includes a summary of missing patches for XCP-ng hosts, providing better visibility of critical updates.

Backup #

Bug fixes and improvements have been made to enhance system resilience and add failsafes for specific scenarios. To prevent unexpected results during VM backup, a lock is now placed on VMs to prevent migration operations. This ensures system integrity and avoids any unpredictable outcomes.

Other Changes #

Several quality-of-life enhancements and useful features have been added in this release.

A new feature allows for the download of all host system logs with a simple button press. This comprehensive tarball of logs is valuable for deep investigations. Disk health monitoring has been improved, allowing for the monitoring of disk status via an API call and displaying the information in the Xen Orchestra UI.

Xen Orchestra can now restart the server directly from the UI, providing a handy tool for canceling blocked tasks or unlocking stuck processes. Thin-reclaim for block-based SRs is now supported, allowing for cleaning operations if the SAN supports it.

The task system now logs failed sign-in attempts, providing information about potential brute-force attempts on Xen Orchestra accounts. Host and pool details now include the product brand and version, providing additional information in the UI.

The Xen Orchestra GitHub repository has also undergone cleanup, with a significant reduction in open issues.