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OpenZFS/ZFS on Linux Releases Version zfs-2.1.13

The OpenZFS project has released version 2.1.13, of the open-source implementation of the ZFS file system and volume manager. ZFS supports features like data compression, data deduplication, copy-on-write clones, snapshots, and RAID-Z. It also supports the creation of virtual devices.

The new version is compatible with Linux kernels 3.10 to 6.5 and FreeBSD releases starting from 12.2-RELEASE. The release includes various changes and fixes, including improvements for Linux compatibility and bug fixes for issues related to automounted snapshots, L2ARC write size calculation, and memory leaks. The update also includes enhancements for zed, zfs-dkms rpm, and bash completion. Overall, the release brings improved stability and compatibility for users of OpenZFS/ZFS on Linux.

ZFS is a great choice for home servers and use on DIY network attached storage units, and is the file system that TrueNAS uses. It can also run perfectly well on the Raspberry Pi.

See the full release notes here.