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Winners of the Prusa Enclosure Modifications Contest Announced

The winners of the Prusa Enclosure Modifications contest have been announced, showcasing the innovative and creative ideas of the community. The first-place winner is Lars, who designed an automated heating and ventilation system for the enclosure. This system allows for quick temperature adjustments, especially during colder months. The second-place winner, Kevin Barker, created an interior storage shelf that maximizes space and features a unique hexagon design. In third place is MW, who designed a hinged lid with a gas spring for easy access to the enclosure. Bram Elema received an honorable mention for their well-crafted and functional (Un)original Prusa Drybox. The community’s top picks include multicolor mesh side boxes, an original Prusa spool holder, xRivets for the enclosure, Prusa enclosure covers, and an original Prusa enclosure slider lock latch. Congratulations to all the winners and participants of the contest!

Source: Prusa3D.