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K0s Releases Version v1.28.2+k0s.0

k0s has released version v1.28.2+k0s.0. This all-inclusive Kubernetes distribution is designed for building Kubernetes clusters and comes packaged as a single binary for easy use. It can be used in various environments, including cloud, IoT gateways, Edge, and Bare metal deployments, thanks to its simple design, flexible deployment options, and modest system requirements.

The latest release, 1.28.2, includes several updates and improvements. Some of the highlights include:

  • Kubernetes 1.28.2: The release builds with Kubernetes 1.28.2, and all the Kubernetes components are updated to the same version.
  • Enhanced autopilot: The autopilot now allows the cluster to follow a specific update channel on an update server, making it easier to stay up-to-date with patch updates.
  • SBOM generation: The release now generates a full signed SBOM (Software Bill of Materials) for each release, providing greater transparency and security.
  • Extended OS testing matrix: The OS testing matrix now covers 22 OS and version combinations, including Alpine, CentOS, Debian, Fedora, Fedora CoreOS, Flatcar, Oracle, RHEL, Rocky, and Ubuntu.
  • Updated component versions: Various components have been updated, including ContainerD, RunC, Etcd, Kine, Konnectivity, Kube-router, Calico, and CoreDNS.

For a detailed list of changes, you can refer to the release notes. This release also includes contributions from new contributors who made their first contribution to the project.

Overall, this release of k0s brings important updates and improvements, making it a reliable choice for building Kubernetes clusters in various environments.