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The Raspberry Pi 5: Now in Stock!

Three weeks ago, Raspberry Pi unveiled their latest flagship product, the Raspberry Pi 5. Since then, they have provided insights into the architecture, I/O controller, software stack, image signal processor, and official accessories of the new device.

Behind the scenes, Raspberry Pi has been working with Sony UK Technology Centre in Wales to ramp up manufacturing and production test processes. The good news is that the first mass-production units will begin shipping to customers this week. The priority for shipping will be given to subscribers of The MagPi and HackSpace magazines who took advantage of the Priority Boarding promotion.

By the end of next week, all existing Priority Boarding orders will have shipped, and all approved resellers in countries with signed compliance paperwork will have received initial stock of both the 4GB and 8GB variants. This means that pre-order customers can expect to start receiving their parcels soon. Raspberry Pi aims to increase their production rate to fulfill all backorders and have the device in stock at all approved resellers by the end of the year.

Early users have already shown excitement for the Raspberry Pi 5, and the company looks forward to seeing what people will do with the device. They encourage users to share their tinkering experiences with the new Raspberry Pi 5.