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QLogic 10Gb "QLGE" Ethernet Driver to be Removed from Linux Kernel

For those who have QLogic 10Gb PCIe Ethernet adapters, the mainline Linux kernel plans to remove the QLGE driver from the kernel source tree unless active users come forward to maintain it. QLogic was acquired by Cavium in 2016, and then Marvell acquired Cavium in 2018. Despite these acquisitions, there are still QLogic 10Gb Ethernet adapters on the market and in various servers.

The QLogic 10Gb Ethernet adapter can still be found on platforms like Amazon for around $75 USD. It has also been used in some Dell adapters. However, the QLGE driver is not being maintained, and it is currently planned for removal from the Linux kernel source tree.

The QLGE driver has been residing in the Linux kernel’s staging area, but there has been no activity since January 2021. Without anyone stepping up to maintain the driver and improve the code for integration into the networking subsystem, it is now scheduled for removal in Linux 6.7.

A patch to “retire” the QLGE driver has been queued in staging-next. If there are users of the QLogic 10Gb Ethernet hardware supported by this driver who are still using the latest upstream Linux kernel versions, they can make it known and the driver can be restored. However, if this does not happen, the driver removal will take place in the upcoming Linux 6.7 cycle.

Source: Phoronix.