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Stratis 3.6 Released

Red Hat engineers have released Stratis 3.6, an incremental update to their Linux storage solution. Stratis, which utilizes the Rust programming language and is built on the XFS file-system and LVM, aims to provide functionality similar to ZFS and Btrfs. However, its adoption in the wild remains limited.

Stratis 3.6 introduces several new features and improvements. Users can now set size limits on file-systems, ensuring better control over storage usage. The release also includes a persistent keyring for Clevis, which enhances security. D-Bus handling has been improved, allowing for better communication when a device grows or a pool is extended. Additionally, the update includes various maintenance tasks and code cleaning.

For those interested in trying out Stratis 3.6, the daemon release can be downloaded from the official Stratis-Storage GitHub page.

Overall, the latest release of Stratis continues to enhance Linux storage management. While still gaining traction, Stratis provides becoming a viable option for those in need of modern storage management in their Linux environments.

For more details on Stratis 3.6, please visit the Stratis-Storage GitHub page.

Source: Phoronix.