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Grafana Releases Version 10.2.0 of Open-Source Monitoring Platform

Grafana has released version 10.2.0 on October 24, 2023. This new release brings a wide range of features and enhancements to the open-source platform for monitoring and observability.

Some of the key features and enhancements in version 10.2.0 include:

  • The Canvas feature has been promoted to beta status, allowing users to create rich, interactive dashboards with custom visualizations.
  • Improvements to the BarChart component, including enhanced data links in tooltips for better user experience.
  • Updated PluginExtensions to ensure the default timeZone is passed in the context.
  • PublicDashboards feature has been enabled by default for general availability, and the public preview text has been removed.
  • The Grafana UI has added a new Avatar component for user profile images.
  • Alerting now includes support for msteams contact point in external Alertmanagers.
  • The Insights landing page for Alerting has been enabled by default.
  • Various transformations have been improved, including de-emphasizing non-applicable transformations, using short units in graphs, and adding context and timezone support in Format time and Convert field type transformations.
  • Playlist now includes create and update timestamps in the database.
  • Live now allows users to set the engine password.
  • Auth has enabled the None role for version 10.2.
  • Playlist has added support for adding folder, dashboard, and data source permissions to service accounts.
  • SparklineCell now displays absolute values.
  • Various bug fixes and improvements have been made throughout the platform.

In addition to these features and enhancements, there have been bug fixes and improvements to the platform, including fixes for issues related to snapshots, Loki, alerting, transformations, and more.

Please note that there are some breaking changes and deprecations in this release. It is important to review the release notes and update any relevant configurations or code to ensure compatibility with version 10.2.0.

For more details on the new features, enhancements, bug fixes, and breaking changes in Grafana version 10.2.0, you can refer to the release notes.