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Secure Your Container and Other Deployments with Ubuntu Server Hardening

The New Stack has posted a guide on how to harden n Ubuntu server. Ubuntu is a popular choice for container deployments, but many admins and DevOps teams overlook the importance of securing the operating system itself. The article provides a guide to hardening Ubuntu to ensure a secure foundation for deployments. The steps include:

  1. Schedule regular upgrades to ensure the server is patched against the latest threats.

  2. Change sudo and SSH settings.

  3. Install and configure fail2ban to automatically ban IP addresses that attempt to compromise the server via SSH.

  4. Secure shared memory by mounting /run/shm with certain privileges.

  5. Enable and configure the Uncomplicated Firewall (UFW) and allow SSH connections.

By following these steps, admins and DevOps teams can significantly enhance the security of their Ubuntu Server deployments. Head over to The New Stack and read the guide!

Source: The New Stack.