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AMD Launches ROCm 5.7

AMD has released ROCm 5.7, the latest version of its GPU compute stack, Phoronix reports. The update includes a new “hipTensor” library, extended support for the ROCgdb debugger with Fortran and OMPD, and optimizations to the rocRAND and MIVisionX libraries. However, there is no official support for new RDNA3 GPUs yet, with speculation that it will be included in ROCm 6.0. The release notes for ROCm 6.0 suggest that it will have fundamental changes and will not be backwards compatible with ROCm 5.x. In terms of supported hardware, only the Radeon VII is officially supported, along with some Radeon Pro and AMD Instinct products. ROCm 5.7 also brings improvements to HIP printf() handling, a beta release of LLVM Address Sanitizer with GPU support, optimizations, and various fixes. More details can be found in the ROCm 5.7 release documentation.

Source: Phoronix.