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Samba 4.20 Update Enhances Microsoft Windows Interoperability

The latest update to the Samba software, version 4.20, has been announced, introducing several key features aimed at improving file and print interoperability with Microsoft Windows systems. Samba, recognized for its free implementation of the SMB networking protocol, continues to evolve, offering support for various Windows-centric protocols and functionalities.

Key Features of Samba 4.20:

  • WSP Search Client: Samba 4.20 introduces an experimental Windows Search Protocol (WSP) client, accessible via the new wspsearch command-line utility. This feature enables users to send WSP search requests to servers supporting WSP, enhancing the search capabilities within networked environments.

  • Service Witness Protocol: Another significant addition is the support for the Service Witness Protocol (MS-SWN), allowing clients to monitor their SMB connections to a cluster node. This protocol helps in determining if the IP address to the original cluster changes or becomes available, ensuring more stable connectivity within cluster environments.

  • Group Managed Service Accounts and More: The update brings client-side support for Group Managed Service Accounts through the samba-tool, streamlining the management of service accounts. Moreover, Samba 4.20 supports saving and restoring DACLs in files with smbcacls, and introduces support for Authentication Silos and Authentication Policies in Samba AC/DC setups.

Other Notable Changes:

  • The new version eliminates the dependency on the Perl JSON module, reflecting an effort to streamline dependencies and potentially reduce the overall footprint of the software.

  • Minor adjustments to the Samba configuration files have been made, alongside other fixes aimed at enhancing the stability and performance of the software.

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Source: Phoronix.