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Gitea Releases Version 1.21.10 with Key Fixes and Enhancements

Gitea, the Git-based DevOps platform, has released version 1.21.10, an update that includes important bug fixes and enhancements. This release follows the earlier versions 1.21.8 and 1.21.9, which introduced a range of bug fixes and improvements, but were not previously announced. The developers behind Gitea strongly recommend upgrading to version 1.21.10 as soon as possible to benefit from the latest changes.

The 1.21.10 release incorporates 8 merged PRs, addressing issues such as the failure to add/remove WIP from pull request titles, misuse of TxContext, and issues with file finding and manual merge forms among others. Notably, the release fixes bugs present in versions 1.21.8 and 1.21.9, enhancing the overall stability and performance of the platform.

Version 1.21.9, released on March 21, 2024, concentrated on performance enhancements and bug fixes. It improved the efficiency of the repo dashboard and added cache for dashboard commit status, alongside making several other enhancements and bug fixes. The version saw contributions from a wide range of developers.

The 1.21.8 version, made available on March 12, 2024, focused on security, enhancements, and bug fixes. Among the significant changes were adjustments to supported sort orders for the “/explore/users” page, improvements to code search result accuracy, and a multitude of bug fixes aimed at improving the user experience.

Gitea 1.21.10 is available for download from the Gitea downloads page. Users are encouraged to consult the installation guide for detailed instructions on updating their Gitea installations.

Source: Gitea.