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Rust Guest Tools 0.3.0: Enhancing Virtualization Experience

XCP-ng has released version 0.3.0 of its Rust guest agent for Linux and BSD operating systems. This release includes several new features and bug fixes.

One major change is the addition of APT repositories, allowing for easy installation and updates of the guest agent on Debian-based systems. The Debian package is automatically built on Gitlab and can be accessed via a Debian repository.

The agent now has the ability to collect available and total guest memory inside FreeBSD guests. Additionally, the command line for the agent now includes two extra arguments, --stderr and --loglevel, for troubleshooting assistance. All guest agent logs are now sent to syslog by default on any Unix-like operating system.

Bug fixes include resolving an issue with plugging and unplugging a virtual NIC while the VM is online, thanks to community testing and feedback. Another bug fix removes a requirement on the development symlink, now only requiring the runtime library package.

For more details, the complete changelog can be found here.