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README Highlight Issue #50, 2023: memos

In this week’s issue of README Highlight (#50, 2023), we are taking a look at the following project: memos.

The memos project is a privacy-first, lightweight note-taking service that allows users to easily capture and share their great thoughts. It is designed for individuals who value their privacy and prefer a minimalist approach to note-taking.

Some key points about memos include:

  • Open source and free forever: memos is an open-source solution that is available for free, ensuring that creativity knows no boundaries.
  • Self-hosting with Docker in just seconds: With Docker, users can easily deploy memos and have full control over their data and privacy.
  • Pure text with added Markdown support: memos focuses on simplicity by providing a pure text interface with support for Markdown formatting.
  • Customize and share notes effortlessly: memos offers intuitive sharing features that allow users to collaborate and distribute their notes with others.
  • RESTful API for third-party services: memos provides a RESTful API that enables integration with other services, opening up new possibilities.

To deploy memos with Docker, users can use the following command:

docker run -d --name memos -p 5230:5230 -v~/.memos/:/var/opt/memos

The ~/.memos/ directory serves as the data directory on the local machine, while /var/opt/memos is the directory of the volume in Docker and should not be modified.

Contributions to the memos project are greatly appreciated, as they help make the open-source community a vibrant place to learn, inspire, and create.

The project has also gained popularity and has been contributed to by various developers. Some notable contributions include:

In conclusion, memos is a privacy-focused note-taking service that offers a simple and customizable experience. With its open-source nature and support for Docker deployment, memos provides users with full control over their data and privacy. Whether you are a developer, a DevOps enthusiast, or someone who enjoys maintaining a home lab, memos can be a valuable tool for capturing and sharing your thoughts.

Source: memos README.