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Prusa Releases MK3.5 Upgrade: Promises 2x Speed Boost for MK3S/+

Prusa3D has announced the release of the Original Prusa MK3.5 upgrade kit, which is already shipping to customers. This major upgrade brings many useful features from the MK4 to the MK3S+, making it a cost-effective way to get the MK4’s features on your MK3S/+.

One of the biggest changes in the MK3.5 is the hardware-based support for Input Shaper and Pressure Advance, which promises a massive speed boost. Thanks to the 32-bit embedded xBuddy platform, the MK3.5 is claimed to be up to two times faster than the MK3S+.

The upgrade process should be straightforward and estimated to take around 2 hours to install. The MK3.5 also comes with a full-color LCD panel, allowing for print file preview, easier configuration and navigation. It also has built-in support for remote printer management via Prusa Connect. The MK3.5 can easily connect to an existing network via ethernet cable or Wi-Fi, allowing for remote printer management and the ability to send print files directly to the printer.

The Original Prusa MK3.5 upgrade kit is now available in the Prusa3D e-shop. It includes everything needed to give your MK3S+ a major refresh. Prusa3D also offers bigger upgrades, such as the MK3.9 Upgrade and a full MK3 to MK4 upgrade.