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After a 16-year Hiatus, Damn Small Linux Makes a Triumphant Return

Damn Small Linux (DSL) is making a comeback after 16 years with the release of DSL 2024. This lightweight distribution, based on antiX 23, offers a unique experience in the world of Debian-based and Fedora-based distros.

DSL used to be a compact distro, only 50 MB in size, but it has now been updated to better suit the current state of computing. Despite the changes, it remains a great option for older computers with modest specifications. Currently in alpha, DSL 2024 features version 5.10 of the Linux kernel and Debian 12 ‘Bookworm’ at its core. It comes with two window managers, Fluxbox and JWM, and apt is fully enabled by default for easy package installations. Due to the updates and improvements, the ISO size of DSL has increased to around 700 MB. The goal of the developers is to provide a usable desktop experience that can fit on a single CD with a maximum limit of 700 MB. This is to ensure that older computers can continue to be used for as long as possible.

The application suite in DSL 2024 is extensive and includes zzzFM as the file manager, mtPaint for graphics editing, BadWolf as the default web browser, and tmux as the terminal multiplexer.

Source: It’s FOSS News.