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Prusa Pro: Industrial Innovation at Formnext 2023

Formnext 2023 is approaching, and Prusa3D is excited to showcase their industrial 3D printers under the Prusa Pro brand at the event. While Prusa Research remains committed to their current line of products, the expansion into industrial additive manufacturing makes sense for the company.

The Prusa Pro line of industrial machines incorporates the latest technologies developed by Prusa3D. These machines feature a range of advanced features, including a heated chamber, ultralight print heads made of duralumin, automated print collection, image recognition, high-pressure turbine cooling, 500 °C print heads, 48V motors, and automatic resin handling. These advancements in the Prusa Pro line have a positive influence on the technology used in their other products.

In turn, the Prusa Pro machines benefit from the feedback and expertise gained from the hundreds of thousands of Original Prusa printers in use worldwide. The Prusa Pro line aims to provide the same ease of use as their other printers, with features such as removable print sheets, automated calibrations, and fine-tuned profiles in PrusaSlicer. Additionally, the Prusa Pro line is compatible with third-party materials, ensuring no vendor lock-in.

The Prusa Pro product line operates as a separate, independent team within Prusa Research. The team has been in operation for over four years and includes specialists hired specifically for this branch of the company, as well as developers from the acquired companies FUTUR3D and TRILAB. The Prusa Pro team has its own manufacturing capacity, either in a separate building or even in another town, to ensure the continued production of the popular Original Prusa printers.

At Formnext 2023, Prusa3D will be showcasing three brand-new machines from the Prusa Pro line. The Prusa Pro HT90 is a large format, industrial delta kinematics 3D printer with an actively heated chamber capable of reaching up to 90 °C, closed-loop HEPA filtration, and a nozzle temperature of up to 500 °C. It is suitable for printing high-temp materials like PCCF or PA11CF and offers fast printing for materials like PLA, PETG, and ABS.

The Prusa Pro SLX is a concept for their future MSLA 3D printer. It features a 12K MONO LCD panel for ultra-fine printing, a vat tilting mechanism for fast layer transitions, and automated material handling. The Prusa Pro SLX has several features not currently available on other SLA printers on the market.

The Prusa Pro AFS, the latest iteration of their Automatic Farm System, will also be showcased at Formnext. The AFS includes an Intelligent Shelving System that moves print sheets to a modular shelving system after printing, ensuring efficient storage. It also features an optical monitoring system with image recognition for automatic print issue detection. The AFS is powered by Prusa Connect, their internally-made farm management system.

In addition to these machines, Prusa3D will also be displaying the Prusa Pro Medical One, their certified SLA printer for biocompatible resins, which is now integrated into Exocad, a leading CAD software for digital dentistry.

For those unable to attend Formnext, Prusa3D offers the option to schedule a call with their sales team to learn more about the Prusa Pro HT90, AFS, SLX, and other products. They have provided price quote forms for each machine on their website.

Formnext attendees can find Prusa3D’s booth in hall 12.1, booth G39. In addition to the new machines, visitors can also see the XL printer, including a prototype enclosure, the MK4, MINI+, and new recycled Prusament colors. And for those interested, there will be beer available at the booth.