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EDATEC Unveils Two Fanless Cases for Raspberry Pi 5 Single Board Computer

EDATEC has released two fanless cases for the Raspberry Pi 5 single-board computer (SBC), filling the gap for official fanless cases for this latest SBC. The two cases, ED-Pi5Case-B and ED-Pi5Case-O, offer different designs and cooling solutions.

Both cases are made of aluminum and are available in either silver or black. They provide easy access to all ports and interfaces of the Raspberry Pi 5, including the GPIO header, MIPI connectors, PCIe FPC connector, and PoE header. However, the closed enclosure blocks the battery and UART connectors, while both cases block the fan connector.

EDATEC claims that the ED-Pi5Case-B can reduce the temperature by 20 to 25°C, while the lighter ED-Pi5Case-O can reduce it by up to 15°C. Both cases come with three thermal pads to cover the Broadcom BCM2712 CPU, the wireless module, and the PMIC. They also add thermal conductive silicon on the bottom of the board.

The ED-Pi5Case-B features a low-profile, closed design with a small black plastic window on the top right for wireless connectivity. EDATEC states that this case benefits from strong WiFi and Bluetooth connectivity, enhanced by the semi-transparent wireless window. On the other hand, the ED-Pi5Case-O is an open case with two heatsinks placed on the top and bottom of the Raspberry Pi 5.

Source: CNX Software – Embedded Systems News.