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Netmaker Releases Version v0.21.2 of WireGuard Mesh VPN

Netmaker, a tool that creates networks using WireGuard, has released version v0.21.2. This tool automates the creation of fast, secure, and distributed virtual networks. Netmaker leverages Kernel WireGuard, which provides maximum speed, performance, and security for the virtual networks it creates.

The latest release, v0.21.2, brings several improvements and fixes to Netmaker. Some of the new features include auto relay via enrollment key and improvements in local routing.

In terms of fixes, the release addresses an inconsistency in DNS entries for networks, ensures validation of unique network CIDR, fixes caching discrepancies in extclient, resolves issues with deleted node peer updates when disconnected from the network, and adds a force deletion option for daemon nodes stuck in the removing state.

However, there are a few known issues with this release. The Windows installer does not install WireGuard, and the netclient-gui may continuously display an error dialog if the Netmaker server is offline. Additionally, there are IPv6 address and route issues on Mac, and the network tab in netclient-gui may appear blank after disconnecting.

Overall, Netmaker’s latest release offers improved functionality and fixes for a smoother experience in creating virtual networks with WireGuard.