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Harvester Releases v1.3.0-dev-20231208 for Testing: Open Source HCI Platform

Harvester, an open-source hyperconverged infrastructure (HCI) solution built on Kubernetes, has released version v1.3.0-dev-20231208 for testing. Harvester is designed for operators who are looking for a cloud-native HCI solution and runs on bare metal servers. It offers integrated virtualization and distributed storage capabilities, supporting both traditional virtual machines (VMs) and containerized environments through integration with Rancher.

This release is specifically for testing purposes and comes with a few important notes:

  • It is not fully tested, so users should proceed with caution.
  • Upgrading from previous releases or to future releases is not supported.
  • Bug reports are welcome.

Artifacts for this release include the following:

There have been several changes in this release, including bug fixes and feature updates. Notable changes include fixing the SupportBundle CRD additionalPrinterColumns path, restoring the start of VMs if they were voluntarily powered off, and updating various components such as Wharfie, KubeVirt, and Longhorn.

Overall, Harvester’s latest release provides users with an opportunity to test and explore its features and functionalities. However, it is important to remember that this release is not fully tested and should be used at one’s own risk.