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Gitea 1.20.5: The Latest Release

Gitea has announced the release of version 1.20.5 of their software. This update includes important bug fixes, making it highly recommended for users to update to this version.

To create this release, the Gitea team merged 24 pull requests. Users can download pre-built binaries for their specific platform from the downloads page. Detailed installation instructions can be found in the installation guide.

The changelog for version 1.20.5 includes the following enhancements and bug fixes:


  • Fix z-index on markdown completion
  • Use secure cookie for HTTPS sites

Bug Fixes:

  • Fix git 2.11 error when checking IsEmpty
  • Allow get release download files and lfs files with oauth2 token format
  • Fix orphan check for deleted branch
  • Quote table release in sql queries
  • Fix release URL in webhooks
  • Fix successful return value for SyncAndGetUserSpecificDiff
  • Fix pagination for followers and following
  • Fix issue templates when blank issues are disabled
  • Fix context cache bug & enable context cache for dashboard commits’ authors
  • Fix INI parsing for value with trailing slash
  • Fix PushEvent NullPointerException jenkinsci/github-plugin
  • Fix organization field being null in POST /orgs/{orgid}/teams
  • Fix bug of review request number

Additionally, there have been improvements in testing and documentation, as well as miscellaneous changes.

The contributors to this release include: