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Argo CD Releases Version v2.9.0-rc2: Declarative Continuous Delivery for Kubernetes

Argo CD, a declarative continuous delivery tool for Kubernetes, has announced the release of release candidate version v2.9.0-rc2. Argo CD enables users to manage their Kubernetes applications through GitOps, providing a streamlined and efficient approach to continuous delivery of infrastructure.

The new v2.9.0 is set to introduce several new features and improvements to Argo CD. Some of the notable additions in the release candidates include:

  • Support for ignoring application differences in appset
  • Health status and force-sync action for PushSecret
  • AnsibleJob CRD health checks
  • Kustomize patches field
  • Support for AzureDevops Webhooks in appset
  • Dynamic rebalancing of clusters across shards
  • Tree view option in output flag for app sync, app wait, and app rollback
  • Automatic application of extension configs without restarting API-Server
  • Addition of patch_ms and setop_ms timings to reconciliation logs
  • Button for wrapping lines in pod logs viewer in the UI
  • Tree view option in output flag for app get and app resources CLI commands
  • Support for preserving labels and global fields in appset
  • Enablement of haproxy metrics through Helm Chart
  • Shorthand flags for follow and container in app logs
  • Additional environment variable for cluster cache list page buffer size
  • Improved RBAC support for discovery/sync
  • Addition of Dott to users
  • Upgraded notification engine
  • Support for extra attributes for opentelemetry
  • Parallel execution of refresh from UI
  • Topic filter for Gitlab SCM in appset
  • Timeout option for update cluster info
  • Support for apply out of sync flag only in CLI
  • Support for AzureDevops Webhooks
  • SCM Provider option for Gitlab generator to filter shared projects from subgroups projects
  • Short revision in ARGOCD_APP_REVISION_SHORT env variable
  • Integration of kubelogin capability to argocd-k8s-auth
  • Alias application as apps for consistency with notifications engine
  • Restriction of SCM provider URLs
  • Autosync_enabled field in the argocd_app_info gauge
  • Support for self-signed TLS/Certificates for Gitlab SCM Provider
  • Respect RBAC for resource exclusions/inclusions

In addition to these new features, the rc2 release candidate includes various bug fixes and improvements.

For a complete list of changes and enhancements being introduced in v2.9.0, users can refer to the full changelogs of v2.9.0-rc1 and v2.9.0-rc2.