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Flux v2.1.2: The Latest Release of Flux v2

Flux CD, a tool for keeping Kubernetes clusters in sync with sources of configuration like Git, has released version 2.1.2. This patch release comes with various fixes and improvements to provide users with the best experience.

One of the key fixes in this release is the faster recovery of resources such as Kustomization and HelmRelease when the source-controller has restarted and is working on restoring storage. Additionally, the source-controller now prevents failing to reconcile OCIRepositories when artifacts contain symlinks.

Another important fix addresses an issue with the helm-controller miss-labeling Custom Resource Definitions. Flux now also detects immutable field errors in Google Cloud resources managed by Kustomizations, improving the overall stability and reliability of the system.

The CLI has also seen some updates. The error reporting for flux bootstrap has been enhanced when the owner doesn’t match the identity associated with the given token. Furthermore, the flux pull artifact command now allows fetching OCI artifacts produced by other tools.

Here are the components and CLI changes in Flux CD v2.1.2:

Components Changelog #

CLI Changelog #

Flux CD users are highly encouraged to upgrade to version 2.1.2 to benefit from these fixes and improvements.