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Exciting Updates and Upcoming Enhancements from MakerWorld

MakerWorld’s open beta has been live for 20 days, and in that time, it has gained significant support from creators and users. The platform has acquired numerous models and has been actively addressing bugs, receiving feedback, and resolving complaints. To showcase the platform’s growth, a set of charts has been provided.

One challenge MakerWorld has faced is the misunderstanding regarding the robot named Bean Overlord. Many users have reported that Bean has been farming points by uploading an excessive number of profiles. However, Bean is actually part of Bambu Lab’s test farm, and the profiles it uploads are the result of extensive testing of new hardware, firmware, slicer settings, and filaments. To address this issue, MakerWorld plans to introduce a feature that allows profile uploaders to donate their incentives to the model creators. Additionally, future updates will require profile uploaders to include a photo of the actual printed result to ensure quality.

Complaints have also arisen regarding model sharing on MakerWorld. While the platform has implemented a Creative Commons License option and requires users to provide source and author information when sharing models, there have been violations of this policy. Some users have copied images and descriptions that are not under the CC umbrella, and some model creators are uncomfortable with their CC models being shared freely. As a result, MakerWorld has decided to temporarily disable the Share function and will seek input from the community to develop better moderation policies before reintroducing the feature.

In order to prevent exploitation of the platform’s rules, MakerWorld will be implementing a manual review process during the incentive redemption phase. Accounts that repeatedly violate the rules will face penalties, including the deduction of incentives and account deletion.

MakerWorld values feedback and opinions from its users and is committed to continuously improving the platform. The adjustments mentioned above have been made based on constructive feedback received through social media comments, platform reports, and emails. Users are encouraged to provide additional suggestions or concerns through the support system of MakerWorld.