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CasaOS Introducing the ZimaOS Open Beta Program

CasaOS has introduced a new commercial product called ZimaOS, designed to cater to the needs of professional application scenarios. ZimaOS combines the robustness of CasaOS with new features and capabilities tailored to professional demands, such as enhanced networking, ease of use, and lightweight AI. They plan to release ZimaOS through the Zima family of hardware for personal cloud solutions.

They are opening ZimaOS for testing, inviting users to download it from Github and provide feedback to shape the final product. They emphasize that ZimaOS is currently in an unstable version and should be used with caution.

The CasaOS team reassures the community that their commitment to CasaOS remains strong and that CasaOS will continue to be a community-driven software. They invite the community to participate in the testing project to help shape the future of their personal cloud solution.