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CanMV-K230 AI Development Board with Kendryte K230 Dual-Core 64-bit RISC-V Processor

CanMV-K230 is a credit card-sized development board for AI and computer vision applications based on the Kendryte K230 dual-core C908 64-bit RISC-V processor with built-in KPU (Knowledge Process Unit) and various interfaces such as MIPI CSI inputs and Ethernet.

The CanMV-K230 development board features the following specifications:

  • SoC – Kendryte K230
    • CPU
      • 64-bit RISC-V processor @ 1.6GHz with RISC-V Vector Extension 1.0, FPU
      • 64-bit RISC-V processor @ 800MHz with support for RV64GCB instruction set
    • AI accelerator
      • KPU with support for INT8 and INT16
      • Compatible with TVM, TensorFlow, Pytorch, ONNX
      • Typical network performance: Resnet 50 ≥ 85fps @ INT8; Mobilenet_v2 ≥ 670fps @ INT8; YoloV5S ≥ 38fps @INT8;
    • “DPU” using 3D structured light depth calculation up to 1280x800 @ 30fps
    • VPU – Video encoding/decoding for H.264/H.265/JPEG/MJPEG up to 4Kp40/4Kp20
  • System Memory: 512MB LPDDR3
  • Storage – QSPI flash, microSD card slot
  • Display – HDMI port, MIPI DSI connector up to 1080p60
  • Audio – 3.5mm audio jack
  • Camera – Up to 5MP camera, up to 3-ch MIPI CSI inputs
  • Networking
    • 10/100Mbps Ethernet RJ45 port
    • WiFi 4 and Bluetooth 4.0 via AP6212 wireless module
  • USB – 1x USB 2.0 OTG Type-C port port
  • Expansion – 40-pin GPIO header with up to 29x GPIOs, 5x PWM, 4x I2C, 2x UART
  • Misc – Buttons, RGB LED
  • Power Supply – 5V via USB-C port
  • Dimension – 85 x 56 mm

The Kendryte K230 processor offers higher efficiency compared to the K510 and K210 SoCs, with Mobilenet V1, Resnet 50, and YoloV5S achieving up to 341 FPS/TOPS. While the documentation for the CanMV-K230 development board is mostly available in Chinese at this time, there are over 30 AI demos available for users to experiment with. Overall, the CanMV-K230 development board provides a compact solution for AI and computer vision applications, with the Kendryte K230 processor delivering improved performance and efficiency.

Source: CNX Software – Embedded Systems News.