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BookStack Unveils Latest Update: BookStack v23.10.1

BookStack has recently released version 23.10.1 of their software. This update brings several fixes and changes to improve the user experience.

One notable addition is the inclusion of “Norwegian Nynorsk” as a language option for users. This expands the accessibility of BookStack to a wider range of users who speak this language.

Another improvement is the addition of a JavaScript public event for customizing codemirror instances. This feature allows users to have more control over their coding experience within BookStack.

Additionally, the update includes handling that allows users to jump to headers and sections within collapsible sections. This enhances the navigation experience within the software and makes it easier for users to find the information they need.

BookStack v23.10.1 also introduces support for PHP 8.3, ensuring compatibility with a newer version of PHP.

Several fixes have also been implemented in this release. The header bar no longer peeks through on the markdown editor’s fullscreen mode, providing a seamless writing experience. Additionally, the incorrect color usage for editor toolbox active tabs has been fixed, improving the visual consistency of the software.