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5G M.2 to Ethernet and USB Converter by Waveshare Released

Waveshare has released a new device called the 5G M.2 TO Gigabit ETH, which allows for easy and cost-effective addition of 5G connectivity to a local area network (LAN) through a gigabit Ethernet port or to a specific host device such as a PC or Raspberry Pi SBC through a USB 3.1 Type-C port.

This converter is designed to be flexible, as it does not come with a built-in 5G module. Instead, it features an M.2 Key-B socket that is compatible with 3042 or 3052 5G modules from SIMCom, Quectel, and Fibocom. This allows users to select a module that meets their specific location requirements.

Key features and specifications of the 5G M.2 to Ethernet and USB converter include:

  • Cellular:
    • M.2 Key B socket for 3042/3052 5G modules
    • Onboard standard SIM card slot
    • 4x 5G omnidirectional high-gain antennas
  • Ethernet: Gigabit Ethernet RJ45 port using RealTek RTL8125 controller
  • USB: USB 3.1 Type-C port for connection to a PC, Raspberry Pi, or Jetson SBC for 5G networking or debugging
  • Misc: Power and Network LEDs, Reset button
  • Power Supply:
    • 9-12V DC via 5.5mm power barrel jack
    • 5V/2A power supply via USB-C port
  • Dimensions: 86.2 x 61.5 x 27.20 mm (excluding antenna connectors) with an aluminum alloy enclosure

If a variant without a built-in 5G module is purchased, users will need to select a suitable M.2 5G 3042 or 3052 module for their country. Waveshare provides recommendations for various models in a table on their website.

Users can choose to use USB for a direct connection to a host device or Ethernet for a direct connection or in router mode. Both Ethernet and USB modes can be used simultaneously.

The converter is available for purchase from Waveshare. The package includes a 12V power supply adapter, a USB-C cable, and antennas. Bundles with different 5G modules and heatsinks are also available. Additionally, Waveshare sells a standalone 5G M.2 to USB converter.

Source: CNX Software – Embedded Systems News.