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Bambu Lab Collaborates with E3D: Embracing the Aftermarket

Bambu Lab announces their first-ever collaboration project with E3D, a renowned supplier of hot ends for desktop FDM printers.

The result of this collaboration is a high-flow replacement hotend by E3D. This hotend offers a 60% increase in flow rate, making it highly efficient. It features E3D’s signature ObXidian™ hardened nozzle and is coated with E3DLC™ for exceptional durability. The development of this hotend was a joint effort between E3D and Bambu Lab, with both teams sharing their knowledge in hotends, printers, and thermal processes. The final product underwent thorough testing by both teams and will be seamlessly integrated into all of Bambu Lab’s software ecosystems.

In terms of licensing, Bambu Lab will charge a license fee for the hotend. However, they have committed to giving back to the community by allocating all the license income. Half of the license fee will be donated to the Sanjay Mortimer Foundation, as a token of respect for his contributions to the community and industry. The remaining half will be dedicated to a foundation that supports emerging 3D printing talents from developing countries, such as model designers and local small businesses.

For more information about the hotend and its specifications, please visit this product page.