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Xen Orchestra 5.90 Released as the Last Version of the Year

XCP-ng has announced the release of Xen Orchestra 5.90, marking the end of the year for the team and community. This release brings several new backup features, including the addition of tasks for NBD enabled backup. This new feature allows users to track the progress of NBD transfers and monitor the status of backups directly from XO Lite or the xe CLI. The release also includes optimizations for backup performance on high latency links, leveraging the ability to download multiple blocks in parallel to mitigate the impact of latency on backup speed.

Xen Orchestra 5.90 also introduces advancements in on-prem immutability, with work being done to provide a direct, on-premises solution for securing S3 backups. The immutability feature aims to establish a Backup Repository (BR) that Xen Orchestra can write to but cannot alter during the predefined immutability period, safeguarding backups against ransomware attacks. The release also includes enhancements to scoped tags, allowing for more nuanced categorization and clearer context-specific labeling.

Other improvements in Xen Orchestra 5.90 include the ability to fetch clients IP addresses from X-Forwarded-* headers for improved logging and security audits, enhancements to SAML integration for added security, a simplified method for changing memory in a running VM, better error messages on the XO CLI, and various changes to the REST API.

In addition, Xen Orchestra 5.90 introduces features tailored for the upcoming XCP-ng 8.3 release, including the ability to configure IPv6 settings on host’s physical interfaces and improved detection of ongoing coalesce tasks.

Lastly, Xen Orchestra 5.90 unveils the first “functional” iteration of XO Lite, with updates such as XOA quick deploy for easy deployment of Xen Orchestra virtual appliances, a number of running VMs indicator in the tree view for a clearer overview of the environment, and a better status panel component for improved readability and aesthetic appeal.

Overall, Xen Orchestra 5.90 brings a range of new features and improvements that enhance backup capabilities, immutability, tagging, and user experience. Users can expect faster backups, better monitoring, and increased security with this latest release.