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Xen Orchestra 5.89 Released

Xen Orchestra has unveiled version 5.89, featuring over 20 new enhancements and functionalities. Noteworthy developments include Broadcom’s acquisition of VMware for over $60 billion, impacting the virtualization industry. Xen Orchestra’s team has expanded with new members, alongside the release of Xen 4.18, where one of their developers secured a Top 10 contributor spot. The landscape of virtualization is explored in light of industry shifts, emphasizing Vates’ innovative ‘Bundles’ amid these changes.

Xen Orchestra’s growth includes the addition of Bastien, focusing on XO’s backend, and a dedicated member for Project Pyrgos, concentrating on k8s cluster creation. Positive feedback surrounds the Rust Linux tools, with updates driven by community input. Backup functionality improvements introduce features like differential restore, API/CLI file-level restore, and enhanced XO Lite with a more compact interface, improved dashboard, and added functionalities.

The REST API sees updates for versatility, including user management, VDI content import, and XVA file management. Enhanced integration with Netbox facilitates optional synchronization between XO users and Netbox’s “tenant” entity, enhancing user activity tracking. Compatibility with XCP-ng 8.3 brings detailed task monitoring for coalesce, among other tailored features.

Additional improvements cover token management, VM booting with disk and ISO, console view disablement, and clearer messages for actions like forgetting a Storage Repository. Xen Orchestra 5.89 solidifies its position as a comprehensive solution for XCP-ng infrastructure management, demonstrating ongoing innovation and expansion within the Xen Orchestra team. The full changelog is available here.