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XCP-ng Releases March 2024 Maintenance Update for 8.2 LTS Release

XCP-ng has announced the March 2024 maintenance update for its 8.2 LTS release, focusing on bug fixes, security patches, and several enhancements. This update is part of XCP-ng’s routine maintenance schedule, aimed at consolidating non-critical fixes.

Key Highlights of the Update #

The maintenance release targets various components within the XCP-ng ecosystem, notably Open vSwitch, blktap, and SM (Storage Management), among others, to address vulnerabilities and improve performance.

Open vSwitch Enhancements:

  • Patches have been backported to address vulnerabilities in Open vSwitch, including CVE-2023-1668, CVE-2023-5366, and CVE-2023-3966. These patches mitigate risks related to IP packet processing flaws and potential denial of service attacks.

blktap Adjustments:

  • The update brings the platform in line with Citrix Hypervisor 8.2 CU1 hotfix XS82ECU1056, enhancing NFS task timeout handling and improving error management for lost iSCSI connections.

SM (Storage Management) Upgrades:

  • Enhanced support for NFS servers offering only NFS v4, alongside bug fixes synced with Citrix Hypervisor 8.2 CU1 hotfixes XS82ECU1056 and XS82ECU1060, focusing on storage repository driver improvements and iSCSI protocol handling.

Additional Improvements #

Other notable enhancements include updates to util-linux for future 4k-blocks-only disk support, bug fixes in xapi and xcp-ng-pv-tools, and new functionalities in xcp-ng-xapi-plugins to facilitate upcoming XOSTOR releases.

Alternate Driver Updates #

XCP-ng also released updates for alternate drivers, catering to users facing issues with the main drivers. Updated versions include cisco-enic-alt (, cisco-fnic-alt (, and qlogic-fastlinq-alt (, rebuilt based on XenServer driver disks for Citrix Hypervisor 8.2 CU1.

Implementation and Availability #

Users currently up to date with their XCP-ng installations can opt to apply this maintenance update immediately or defer it to coincide with upcoming security updates. This flexibility allows for streamlined maintenance planning according to individual or organizational needs.