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Web Server Caddy Version 2.7.5 Released

Caddy has released version v2.7.5 of its web server.

This release includes several bug fixes and improvements, including a fix for the HTTP/2 Rapid Reset issue that affected most HTTP/2 implementations. The update also includes an upgrade to quic-go from v0.37.5 to v0.39.0, which brings many performance improvements. The QUIC_GO_DISABLE_GSO and QUIC_GO_DISABLE_ECN environment variables can now be used to disable GSO and ECN if they cause problems. The file server’s fileserver.BrowseTemplate is now exported, allowing it to be customized by programs embedding Caddy. Environment variables loaded with --envfile no longer override existing variables. The encode handler now compresses application/wasm* content types by default. The reverse_proxy handler now has the ability to emit detailed logs for debugging streaming and buffering by setting the verbose_logs subdirective and logging to debug level. The version can now be checked with caddy -v, similar to other CLI utilities.

Caddy is currently on feature freeze until after version 2.8 to improve testing. The full changelog for version v2.7.5 can be found here.