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TrueNAS 13.0-U6.1 Release: Concluding the TrueNAS 13.0 Series

TrueNAS, the open-source storage platform developed by iXsystems, has announced the release of TrueNAS 13.0-U6.1. This update is expected to be the final version of TrueNAS 13.0, following a series that has been recognized for its stability and quality.

Incremental Improvements and Bug Fixes #

TrueNAS 13.0-U6.1 includes updates to OpenZFS, addressing approximately 20 bug fixes and security improvements. Notably, this release incorporates OpenZFS 2.1.14 to correct a rarely-occurring upstream ZFS bug. The incremental improvements aim to enhance the overall performance and reliability of the platform.

Transition to TrueNAS 13.1 #

With TrueNAS 13.0-U6.1 serving as the concluding chapter of the 13.0 series, the development focus will shift to TrueNAS 13.1, scheduled for release in early 2024. The upcoming version is expected to maintain storage-focused features with updates to FreeBSD, OpenZFS, Samba, and other key components.

Recommendations for Users #

TrueNAS recommends that existing users of TrueNAS 12.0 and TrueNAS 11.3 update their systems to TrueNAS 13.0-U6.1. This step is advised not only for resolving any software or performance issues but also to prepare for future updates, including the transition to TrueNAS 13.1 in 2024.

Current TrueNAS 13.0 users can update to U6.1 directly from the TrueNAS web UI by navigating to the System -> Update page. New users can get started by downloading the TrueNAS CORE installation media from the official website.

Looking Ahead #

As TrueNAS continues to evolve, the focus remains on providing a reliable and efficient storage solution. TrueNAS Enterprise users will have the option to sidegrade to TrueNAS SCALE Enterprise 23.10 and other SCALE-based releases, catering to specific functionality requirements.

For detailed recommendations and updates, users are encouraged to refer to the TrueNAS Software Status page, which provides the latest information on stability and security releases.