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Traefik v2.10.5: The Latest Release of Cloud Native Application Proxy

The latest version of the cloud native application proxy, Traefik, has been released. Version v2.10.5 brings several bug fixes and documentation updates to improve the functionality and user experience of the proxy.

Bug fixes in this release include:

  • Move origin fields capture to service level
  • Fix preflight response status in access logs
  • Update go-acme/lego to v4.14.0
  • Update go-acme/lego to v4.13.3
  • Update quic-go to v0.37.5
  • Update quic-go to v0.39.0
  • Update quic-go to v0.37.6
  • Update quic-go to v0.38.0
  • Update quic-go to v0.38.1
  • Ignore ErrKeyNotFound error for the KV provider
  • Adjust forward auth to avoid connection leak
  • Improve CNAME flattening to avoid unnecessary error logging
  • Allow X-Forwarded-For delete operation
  • Update x/net and grpc/grpc-go
  • Add missing accessControlAllowOriginListRegex to middleware view
  • Fix false positive in URL anonymization

Documentation updates in this release include:

  • Change Arvancloud URL
  • Correct minor typo in crd-acme docs
  • Remove healthcheck interval configuration warning
  • Docs describe the missing db parameter in Redis provider
  • Doc fix accessControlAllowHeaders examples
  • Updates business callout in the documentation

These bug fixes and documentation updates contribute to a smoother and more efficient experience for users of Traefik. The latest version can be downloaded from the official Traefik GitHub repository.