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Traefik Announces First Release Candidate for Version 3.0.0

Cloud Native Application Proxy Traefik has released the first release candidate for version 3.0.0. This major release includes support for emerging technologies such as WebAssembly (Wasm), OpenTelemetry, and Kubernetes Gateway API. In addition, the routing rules and security of Traefik have been improved with support for HTTP/3, SPIFFE, and Tailscale.

To ensure a smooth user experience during the migration from the previous version, Traefik provides a complete migration guide and offers backward compatibility with v2 syntax while introducing a progressive path for adopting the v3 syntax.

The enhancements in this release candidate include:

  • Addition of weight on ServersLoadBalancer for Docker and service configurations
  • Reloading of provider file configuration on SIGHUP
  • Upgrade of gateway API to v1.0.0 for Kubernetes
  • Support for cross-namespace references and GatewayAPI ReferenceGrants in Kubernetes Gateway API
  • Introduction of static config hints for logs
  • Removal of observability for internal resources in metrics, tracing, and access logs
  • Support for sending DogStatsD metrics over Unix Socket in metrics
  • Addition of forwardAuth.addAuthCookiesToResponse in middleware and authentication
  • Implementation of the includedContentTypes option for the compress middleware
  • Reintroduction of the deprecated IpWhitelist middleware
  • Addition of ResponseCode to CircuitBreaker middleware
  • Addition of the rejectStatusCode option to IPAllowList middleware
  • Support for http-wasm plugin in Traefik
  • Reintroduction of v2 rule matchers in rules
  • Support for SO_REUSEPORT in EntryPoints for servers
  • Support for setting sticky cookie max age in sticky-session
  • Migration to OpenTelemetry in tracing and otel
  • Reintroduction of dropped v2 dynamic config

The bug fixes in this release candidate include:

  • Removal of warning in Kubernetes CRD provider about the supported version
  • Fixing of OpenTelemetry unit tests in metrics
  • Alignment of OpenTelemetry tracing and metrics configurations in middleware, authentication, metrics, and tracing
  • Fixing of brotli response status code when compression is disabled in middleware
  • Computing priority for HTTPS forwarder TLS routes in TLS and server configurations

Other changes in this release candidate include documentation updates, support for file path as input parameter for Kubernetes token value, disabling of br compression when no Accept-Encoding header is present in middleware, and merging of v2.11 into v3.0.