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Synapse: Matrix Homeserver Releases v1.96.0rc1 Release Candidate

Matrix Synapse, an open-source Matrix homeserver developed and maintained by the Foundation, has announced the first release candidate for version 1.96.0, marked as v1.96.0rc1. Synapse has been under development since 2014 and reached version 1.0.0 in 2019. The development of both Synapse and the Matrix protocol itself continues actively.

The release candidate, v1.96.0rc1, includes several new features, bug fixes, and improvements to the documentation and internal processes. Some of the notable features and bug fixes include:


  • Experimental support for multiple workers to write to receipts stream
  • Introduction of a new module API for controller presence
  • Addition of a new module API callback to add extra fields to events’ unsigned section when sent to clients
  • Performance improvements for claiming encryption keys


  • Fixed a bug in the example Grafana dashboard that prevented it from finding the correct datasource
  • Fixed a long-standing, rare edge case where the first event persisted by a new event persister worker might not be sent down /sync
  • Fixed a bug where /sync incorrectly did not mark a room as limited in sync requests when there were missing remote events
  • Fixed a bug introduced in Synapse 1.41 where HTTP(S) forward proxy authorization would fail when using basic HTTP authentication with a long username:password string
  • Fixed a bug where /sync could tight loop after restart when using SQLite
  • Fixed a bug where invited/knocking users would not leave during a room purge

Improvements to Documentation:

  • Improved documentation of the presence router
  • Added a sentence to the opentracing docs on using Jaeger in a different location than Synapse
  • Corrected the description of unspecified rule lists in the alias_creation_rules and room_list_publication_rules config options and improved their descriptions
  • Updated the recommended poetry version in the contributors’ guide
  • Fixed a broken link to the client breakdown in the README

Internal Changes:

  • Improved performance of delete device messages query
  • Reduced memory allocations
  • Enhanced replication performance when purging rooms
  • Ran tests against Python 3.12
  • Ran trial & integration tests in continuous integration when the .ci directory is modified
  • Made various improvements to type hints and performance optimization

The release also includes updates to locked dependencies, with various packages being bumped to newer versions.

Matrix Synapse’s release candidate v1.96.0rc1 brings several new features, bug fixes, and improvements, making it an exciting update for users of the Matrix homeserver. The release demonstrates the commitment of the Foundation to continuously improve and enhance the Matrix protocol and its associated software.