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Sipeed Announces New $20 RISC-V KVM Device with PiKVM Compatibility, 100M Ethernet and ATX Support

Sipeed has unveiled a new KVM (keyboard, video, mouse) device that is sure to be of interest to home lab and home server enthusiasts. The device is based on the RISC-V architecture and is designed to offer an affordable solution for remote system management, with a target price of $20.

The device features 100M Ethernet connectivity, and it supports ATX power controls, allowing for remote power on, off, and reset actions. This functionality is particularly useful for those who need to manage or troubleshoot their home servers without being physically present.

Additionally, the KVM device is compatible with PiKVM, an open-source platform that turns a Raspberry Pi into a KVM-over-IP device. This compatibility enhances the device’s versatility, making it appealing for a wide range of applications and setups in home labs.

Based on the Sipeed LicheeRV Nano, the device underscores the growing interest and adoption of RISC-V architecture in the DIY and tech enthusiast communities. Its compact size and affordability make it accessible for users looking to experiment with and deploy KVM solutions in their personal projects and home labs.