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Prusa Academy Launches MK4 Online Course

Prusa3D has recently released an online course for their popular 3D printer, the Original Prusa MK4. This course is aimed at 3D printing beginners who have chosen the MK4 as their first printer, as well as experienced users who want to refresh their knowledge.

The MK4 online course follows the same pattern as its older relatives, starting with unpacking the printer, running the setup wizard, and printing the first sample model. The course also explains the printer mechanics and provides information on connecting the printer to the internet via Prusa Connect. Additionally, the course covers the basic controls and menus of the PrusaSlicer app, introduces the model database, and provides an overview of 3D modeling using Tinkercad and Fusion 360.

The course is presented in a unique hybrid text-based form, which combines the advantages of both text and video formats. The content is color-coded, split into small chunks, and includes plenty of pictures and short videos. Quizzes are also included to test the learner’s knowledge. Upon completion of the course, learners can generate and download a certificate.

The MK4 online course is available for free with the purchase of the assembled variant of the MK4 or for members of the Prusa Education program. Existing customers who have already bought the assembled MK4 will automatically receive the course. To access the course, users can log in to their Prusa Account and click on the “My Courses” option. For kit variant owners, the course can be purchased for a nominal price of $5 or with Prusameter bonus points.

In addition to the MK4 course, Prusa3D has also made major updates to their existing courses, bringing them up to date with the latest version of PrusaSlicer and features. The courses are currently available in English, with translations expected to be completed by the end of October.

Prusa3D has also made improvements to their e-shop, allowing users to mix virtual and physical products in the same shopping cart. They have also added recommendations for minor products that can be purchased together with a printer. Furthermore, it will be possible to buy multiple copies of the same course at once, making the process more convenient.

In the future, Prusa3D plans to release a series of 3D print postprocessing courses and is considering a dedicated course for their Original Prusa XL printer.