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Pi-hole FTL and Core Receive Latest Updates

Pi-hole has released updates to its FTL (v5.24) and Core (v5.17.3) components. These updates bring several changes and improvements to enhance the performance and functionality of Pi-hole.

While the development team is primarily focused on the upcoming v6.0 beta, they remain committed to supporting and enhancing v5. They understand that many users still rely on v5 and want to ensure that it remains robust and up-to-date. Consequently, certain improvements and changes developed for v6.0 will be backported to v5, providing the best experience for all users, whether they are part of the public beta or not.

The FTL changes in this release include updating the dependabot.yml file, adding pihole-FTL sqlite3 -ni, fixing a possible crash with high client activity, and implementing special domains whitelisting. These changes aim to improve the stability and performance of Pi-hole FTL.

On the other hand, the Core changes include adding “-ni” to all sqlite3 invocations in v5. This modification ensures the proper functioning of sqlite3 in Pi-hole Core.

Users are advised to read the detailed changelogs before updating to these latest versions. The FTL changelog can be found here, and the Core changelog can be accessed here.

Source: Pi-Hole.