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PhotoPrism Releases Updated Version of Photos App: November 28, 2023

PhotoPrism, an AI-powered photos app for the decentralized web, has recently released its latest version, November 28, 2023. This app utilizes cutting-edge technologies to automatically tag and find pictures without causing any disruptions to the user. It provides the flexibility to run on a home server or in the cloud.

The service release includes various updates and fixes for recently identified issues. In addition to the existing Docker images, PhotoPrism now offers installation packages with binaries specifically designed for Linux. It is important to note that these installations require manual setup, so it is recommended for experienced users.

Here are the key improvements and updates in this release:

  • Search: Enhancements to camera and lens information in the cards view details.
  • Search: Fixes for rendering issues in the cards view when a lens has no model description.
  • Search: Addition of a filter to find pictures based on resolution range in Megapixels (MP).
  • PWA: Rectification of the list of available icon sizes in the app manifest file.
  • JPEG: Addressed a regression in handling image files with EOF error.
  • JPEG: Fixed indexing problems of image files with invalid color metadata.
  • JPEG/PNG: Implemented a panic handler for unexpected thumbnail save errors.
  • HEIC: Upgraded libheif from version 1.13.0 to 1.17.1.
  • RAW: Upgraded Darktable from version 4.2.1 to 4.4.2.
  • Videos: Improved performance in extracting still images for creating thumbnails.
  • Vectors: Enhanced SVG conversion using RSVG instead of ImageMagick.
  • Docker: Upgraded base image from Ubuntu 23.04 to 23.10 (Mantic Minotaur).
  • Setup: Added installation packages in tar.gz, deb, and rpm formats.
  • Security: Updated Go to the latest stable release, v1.21.4.