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OpenTofu: General Availability Release

OpenTofu, the open source fork of Terraform, has reached a significant milestone with the announcement of its general availability. The project, now under the Linux Foundation, is ready for production use after four months of development by over five dozen developers. OpenTofu offers a straightforward migration path for Terraform users and showcases the value of open source.

The release of OpenTofu 1.6 introduces several important features, including advanced testing capabilities for improved stability, an enhanced S3 state backend with new authentication methods, and a new provider and module registry. Additionally, the release includes hundreds of performance enhancements, bug fixes, and other improvements.

OpenTofu has gained significant traction in the community, with dozens of developers contributing, hundreds of active community members, thousands of GitHub followers, and support from corporate backers and technology partners such as CloudFlare, BuildKite, GitLab, and Oracle.

Looking ahead, OpenTofu 1.7 is set to introduce even more community-requested features that are not available in Terraform. These features include client-side state encryption for heightened security in regulated environments, parameterizable backends, providers, and modules for more readable code, and third-party extensibility through a plugin system for new state backends.

The general availability of OpenTofu marks a important achievement for the project and the open source community.

Source: Linux Foundation.