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OpenBSD 7.4: Enhanced Hardware Support and Enhanced Security Features

OpenBSD has released version 7.4, marking the 55th release of the open-source BSD operating system project. OpenBSD 7.4 brings a host of improvements, including new kernel features, enhanced hardware support, security updates, handling updates for the AMD Zenbleed CPU bug, and much more.

Here are some of the key highlights of the OpenBSD 7.4 update:

  • Dynamic Tracer (DT) and Utrace support is now available on AMD64 and i386 OpenBSD.
  • Power savings have been implemented for Apple Silicon M1/M2 CPUs, allowing for deep idle states when available for the idle loop and suspend.
  • Support for the PCIe controller found on Apple M2 Pro/Max SoCs has been added.
  • AMD CPU Microcode updating can now be done when a newer patch is available.
  • A workaround has been implemented for the AMD Zenbleed CPU bug.
  • Various SMP (Symmetric Multiprocessing) improvements have been made.
  • The Direct Rendering Manager (DRM) graphics driver support has been updated to the upstream Linux 6.1.55 state.
  • New drivers have been introduced to support various Qualcomm SoC features.
  • The OpenBSD installer now offers improved support for soft RAID disks.
  • Indirect Branch Tracking (IBT) has been enabled on x86_64 processors, and Branch Target Identifier (BTI) has been enabled on ARM64 processors for capable processors.

Source: Phoronix.