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NixBSD: A Fusion of FreeBSD and NixOS

NixBSD is aiming to merge the robustness of FreeBSD with the reproducible and declarative nature of NixOS. NixBSD strives to be a reproducible and declarable BSD, leveraging the Nix package manager to offer features like atomic upgrades, rollback capabilities, and a resolution to dependency conflicts. While the project is in its infancy and not ready for production use, it has laid the groundwork for potentially influencing other BSD distributions to adopt Nix.

Currently, NixBSD encompasses three key repositories:

  • nix: A fork of the Nix package management system tailored for FreeBSD compatibility.
  • nixpkgs: Adapts Nix Packages for FreeBSD, providing over 80,000 packages installable via Nix.
  • NixBSD: The central repository for building NixOS variants using the FreeBSD kernel.

For those intrigued by the project or interested in contributing, further details can be found on its GitHub page.

Source: It’s FOSS News.